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A History of Love and Longing - Love Tokens

Love Tokens were popularized in the Victorian Era and used as symbolic pieces of affection. Given between lovers, family and friends- these coins were done on many different denominations. Pennies and Dimes were most common, however if you were well-off a more expensive coin or gold coin would be used. 

Most common were hand engraved initials and names on one side or both sides of a prepared coin. Images, dates and sayings have also been seen on many tokens. 

Auntie love token 1848​​

Above is a love token with "Auntie" engraved on a 1848 silver dime.

Collecting the Past

Many love tokens today have drilled holes where they would be strung on a cord, or added to a charm bracelet and collected. They are nostalgic and highly personal. I love the moment in time they capture. Love and longing between a sailor and his partner,  or a momento to a fallen mother emblazoned with her favorite flower. They hold secrets and tell stories simultaneously. 

Love Tokens for the Present

We love this tradition and carry it forward to tell the stories of today. We laser engrave names of past pets, current loves, and favorite places. You can get your piece on a seated liberty dime or a solid cast sterling silver disc. Want it in gold? With Diamonds? No problem, we are ready to design the piece of your dreams, wether it stays around your neck or is given to someone so they can wear it around theirs. 


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