Mary Gallagher is a designer jewelry brand founded in 2015 that uses both bronze and fine silver as well as semi precious and precious gemstones to create sculptural pieces with a emphasis on surface texture, weight and form. 

     The idea of jewelry as a means of protection is of particular interest. Inspiration is derived from ancient weaponry and weathered surfaces creating sharp lines and beveled edges in conjunction with delicate curvatures and gemstones to meld raw archaic figures with feminine mystique.

      Growing up in New England, Mary has always been heavily influenced by the dark history found in the area such as the Salem witch trials and in the abandoned psych wards and old graveyards that litter the area. She attended Parsons School of Design for Fashion but fell in love with metal smithing in her final year and decided to use her longtime love of sculpture to create accessories. In 2015 she officially launched her line and has been  exploring the capabilities of jewelry making since.