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Custom Design Process

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The Consultation 

Wether it is a custom engagement ring or simply something you have had in mind for ages, creating a custom piece can be a wonderful act of expression. First we need to know what you want to create.
What do you want the piece to look like? What stones should be sourced? Will there be a matching band or hand engraving component? What is your budget?

The Design

Once a deposit is given a design will be drawn up and sent to you for confirmation. Once stones are chosen we can start on creating the model. This model will then be the precursor to the final piece. 

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The Model 

The Model will be hand-carved or created in CAD depending on the design. This is a great aspect to keep in mind during the design process as both methods yield different finished pieces.
Here you will get a sense of proportion, comfort and texture. 

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The Final Piece

When the model is complete and approved we move to casting. The metals are chosen, the piece is cast, set and finished. Here we do finishing touches like plating or engraving. The remainder payment is due, and your piece is ready to be sent to its final home. 

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Your Personalized piece

You receive a one of a kind piece of fine jewelry that speaks to you on a personal level. 

Contact Us 

One of a Kind Design

I personally work with you to design your dream piece. My love for hand carving, skills in CAD and wonderful array of gem suppliers will collectively help turn your project into reality. 

Handmade in the States

We design and fabricate on the East Coast. 

Your Next Heirloom

Creating a personalized piece of jewelry is creating a future heirloom. Leave a little bit of yourself expression by gifting a custom piece today. 

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